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Calatrava's Cords Bridge in Jerusalem
View photos from the construction of the bridge

Company Profile

Ramet Ltd. is one of Israel's leading construction companies. Established in 1942, Ramet has had a significant part in the construction of the state of Israel. Ramet is active in various sectors of construction and engineering, from the most complex civilian engineering projects (i.e. tunnels, bridges, interchanges and paving) to residential, public, commercial and industrial construction projects.


Ramet employs skilled employees, which allow the company to maintain its high standards and demanding schedules. Among Ramet's clients are Israeli Governmental ministries such as the Ministry of Construction and Housing, Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Health; Ayalon Highways; Moriah - The Jerusalem Development Company; The Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA); Israel Electric Corporation; Israel Railways Corporation; Bezeq (Israel's largest telecommunications service provider); The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University and many more companies and organizations.


The company is a registered contractor under the Registered Contractors Law with unlimited classification for the construction of projects such as highways, bridges, infrastructure and development works, sewage, drainage, water towers and other water related facilities, harbors, chimneys and residential projects.


Ramet. Hazoran 1a1., Netanya New Industrial Area, P.O.B. 52681. Tel.: +972-9-8851580  Fax: +972-9-8851562
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